Maintainable Web Programming – Reviewing Dart

When developing modern web applications which should run on any major web browser and without the client’s need to install extra software, there is no way around using this programming language we all love: JavaScript. I personally appreciate its low type safety, its difference between null and undefined, the lack of OOP concepts, the fact that one should avoid writing native code if you want to ensure cross-browser compatibility and many other little things that make developers happy. If you understand the irony, you will be interested in a new language called “Dart”, introduced by Google about one year ago. I came across this project when I did some research about how to make our JavaScript code base more maintainable. Read the following article to learn about the language’s basic concepts, what I find highly helpful and why I decided to not use it for my current projects.

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Tutorial: Requesting RESTful Web Services with JSON in your Android App

Web services make it easy for mobile devices to communicate with applications running on a web or application server. I am sharing my findings of how to implement an Android client for services implemented according to the Representational State Transfer (REST) approach. This little turorial shows how you send HTTP requests, parse JSON string responses and display the results in a ListActivity, showing a progress dialog while loading.

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Resizable Table Columns with jQuery UI

When I had the pleasure to work on a Web User Interface (UI) components library, I tried to optimize the client-side performance of a data table component providing Windows Explorer-like resizable columns. It turned out that the JavaScripts for this feature performed very poorly on an application screen displaying a table with more than 40 columns. The initialization of all the scripts took more than one second. The in-house developed script for the resizing needed most of the time since it was calculating the widths of many DOM elements. Read in the following how I managed to get the jQuery UI Resizable plugin running on a table with proper HTML and how it speeded up the initialization time by 2/3 compared to our previous native scripts.

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Hello world!

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