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Android Development: Sending POST Requests with Parameters

After I had published a tutorial about how to request RESTful web services in a native Android App, I have been asked by some of you about how to also send data to web services. That is why I wanted to quickly demonstrate how you would achieve sending POST requests containing parameters to a web server.

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Android Development Explained by a JSF Developer

There are plenty of tutorials for Android App development out there. Picking the right one is already the first challenge. Though I am actually not an iOS developer, I believe that the quickest way to get started is to read articles which compare Android with iOS development, in such a way Clay Allsopp did. Having quite some experience with JavaServer Faces (JSF), I realized that there are both quite a lot of similarities and differences between the concepts of JSF and Android programming. Since it would have helped me when I started with my first mobile App, I wanted to share my findings in this post. Note that this is not a tutorial, but just an overview of concepts and technical terms one should know when planning to develop the first Android App.

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Tutorial: Requesting RESTful Web Services with JSON in your Android App

Web services make it easy for mobile devices to communicate with applications running on a web or application server. I am sharing my findings of how to implement an Android client for services implemented according to the Representational State Transfer (REST) approach. This little turorial shows how you send HTTP requests, parse JSON string responses and display the results in a ListActivity, showing a progress dialog while loading.

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