Archive | November 2012

Internationalization of a Drupal 7 based Website

A couple of years ago I was responsible for implementing the internationalization (i18n) of a company’s website which was built on the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), version 5 at this time. Now that I had this task again in a different project, I realized that i18n with Drupal is still after years pretty much a pain and that you need to read through many documents in order to get your stuff conveniently running. Helping me and others in future, I noted down what I needed to do for the current Drupal 7 release.

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Android Development Explained by a JSF Developer

There are plenty of tutorials for Android App development out there. Picking the right one is already the first challenge. Though I am actually not an iOS developer, I believe that the quickest way to get started is to read articles which compare Android with iOS development, in such a way Clay Allsopp did. Having quite some experience with JavaServer Faces (JSF), I realized that there are both quite a lot of similarities and differences between the concepts of JSF and Android programming. Since it would have helped me when I started with my first mobile App, I wanted to share my findings in this post. Note that this is not a tutorial, but just an overview of concepts and technical terms one should know when planning to develop the first Android App.

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