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Resizable Table Columns with jQuery UI

When I had the pleasure to work on a Web User Interface (UI) components library, I tried to optimize the client-side performance of a data table component providing Windows Explorer-like resizable columns. It turned out that the JavaScripts for this feature performed very poorly on an application screen displaying a table with more than 40 columns. The initialization of all the scripts took more than one second. The in-house developed script for the resizing needed most of the time since it was calculating the widths of many DOM elements. Read in the following how I managed to get the jQuery UI Resizable plugin running on a table with proper HTML and how it speeded up the initialization time by 2/3 compared to our previous native scripts.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new small yet nice blog about various software development topics. Please feel free to leave your thoughts or questions as a comment on my articles. However, just note that I decided to manually approve every comment before it gets published, simply in order to prevent spam or other nonsense.

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